Oh, belts.

You keep our pants on, and for that, we are grateful.

Oh, tattoos. You are so awesome, and yet so very, very permanent.

Oh, belt buckles by Gestalt, how wonderful it is that you have been able to marry the utilitarianism of pant-holding-up with creative design and self expression. It's all the fun of tattoos, without any of the commitment or wincing...and that's just the sort of thing we're into around here.

In case you're better with math, it's like this: (pants up + x) - pain = belt buckles by Gestalt.

And really, x can equal whatever you want! It can be your favourite animal, instrument, tree, equation, flower or sock monkey...or go crazy and design your own. I guess, x = awesome.

What's great about belt buckles by Gestalt is that you get limitless* possibilities for design, coupled with a one of a kind, hand worked piece of stainless steel as its canvas. Instead of having a needle pierce your skin over and over and over again, you can let a laser and some acid permanently etch your chosen image into stainless steel. Did I mention that it also keeps your pants from falling off? I feel like that part shouldn't be forgotten.

Looking for a cherry on top? How about the fact that should you ever tire of the image that you've chosen, the buckles can be snapped off the belt and a new one can be put on...with absolutely no need for even a hint of laser surgery. Don't have a snappable belt to be used for quick changes? Good news, we make and sell those too. We have three types of belts...the top of the line belts are North American leather, beautiful, heavy and full grain (none of that leather/cardboard/leather stuff around here!) and each one is hand soaked in oil for softness and hand dyed to ensure the beauty of leather. Looking for something a little less heavy and perhaps a little dressier? We have a mid-priced beautiful Italian leather belt. Also full grain leather and made in Waterloo, Ontario. And if you're looking for something basic, we offer a full grain leather belt with a matte black finish. Also made in Waterloo, Ontario, these belts are an inexpensive add-on to make your belt-y dreams come true

I'm not sure what else I can tell you about things. Check out the FAQ page for answers to the questions that are most frequently asked. And with that, please feel free to start shopping and designing and building your perfectly you-centric belt.


*for details on possibilities, please see our FAQ section